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I’ve never really know what it feels like to be woman. I suppose that’s because I haven’t exactly been an adult for particularly long.

When exactly do us girls undergo the miraculous transition to womanhood? At 18, when we get to do fun things like drink alcohol and vote? At 21, when our extended families give us expensive gifts and suddenly start treating us with respect? When we stumble upon the realisation that having sex with a man who is 30 wouldn’t be particularly shocking? When we spend our Friday evenings comparing various forms of back pain? *

I still have that annoying adolescent habit of struggling to wake up before 10am. So surely I’m not that grown up.

On a recent jaunt to a large glamourous city, full of handsome men and clever women, I found myself attending a “girls night”. Brilliant! I’m experienced at Girl’s Nights. However, after arriving I quickly realised I was the youngest in attendance by about 10 years. The food was laid out on the table with perfectly arranged labels telling you what everything was, and whether it was vegetarian or gluten free. The “girls” talked about their husbands, and careers, and children. The whole thing made me feel incredibly young and out of place. Like a small child determinedly trying to walk in her mother’s high-heels.

However, they also covered some familiar topics, particularly those surrounding men. “Men are hopeless at organising their own social lives! They wouldn’t have a clue what was going on in their own lives, or the lives of their friend’s, if they didn’t have us girls to look after them”. With that a woman of about 45 raised a toast to “us girls”. That’s when it dawned on me. You never really become a woman. Because when you “grow up”, those you once considered woman become girls again. **


*True story: The three of us were at a bar a few Fridays ago, attempting to drink beer and comparing back ailments. I comforted myself in the knowledge that I’d only pulled a trigger point in my neck by having too much sex with the Flying Englishman, so it was ok.

**I hope that made sense. Because it sort of sounds like the kind of logic that one might come up with when they are completely out of it. But I swear it makes sense. Also, all women become girls when they drink wine or sangria.