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I have recently discovered that no matter where in the world you are living the dreaded man flu is likely to turn your man into a simpering mess and ruin any Saturday date plans you might of had.

I recently met a new boy (man), The Teacher. As his name suggests he is a teacher and works at the school I’ve also been working at for the past 6 weeks. After a month of intense flirting in the lunch room, last week we finally exchanged numbers. Then last Friday we managed a sneaky kiss. A few sneaky kisses later and we agreed to go on a date. Everything was progressing nicely, and I had all the right fuzzy new man in my life feelings. We were even going to go see Star Trek into Darkness  (my inner nerd couldn’t believe my luck. A date with a cute teacher, and well stark trek!). Then the dreaded man flu struck.

I know exactly where he contracted said man flu. When we kissed last Friday, I had the beginnings of a head cold; I probably should have stopped to considered that my body was a contagious hot house of viral plague. Now he’s been bedridden for two days and my star trek movie date plans have been foiled.

Ok I have to admit, I was bedridden for a day with woman flu. But he’s been in bed for more than two days now, and I really wanted to watch star trek. I might have to take myself to the movies tomorrow.


P.S I’m not that upset, just felt like ranting.