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I have to admit I’ve always loved birthdays. Call me selfish, but I can’t help but love the idea of one day a year being all about ME! As a child I used to drive my parents crazy by starting a birthday count down around five months ahead of time.

My obsession with my birthday naturally enters all my relationships. I’ve only been dating the teacher just over a month, but I made sure that he was fully aware of my upcoming birthday in June. I was perilously walking the “crazy-hot scale” with daily reminders of the date of my birthday; although I think he found it sort of oddly cute, so it’s ok. There are perks to having a boyfriend on your birthday; breakfast in bed, maybe birthday sex. So teacher isn’t the only boyfriend that I’ve ensured knew the date of my birthday.

However, this year I’ve had to question if drilling the date of my birthday into all my boyfriends minds to be such a good idea. Why? Because suddenly my birthday seems to be the one day a year that I hear from every single one of my ex-boyfriends (except the one you want to hear from, the Flying Englishman). Of course it’s nice that they want to wish me a happy birthday and all that jazz. But arn’t birthday about the future and moving forward? But it seems with every-year I have a growing list of ex-boyfriends who are going to fill my day with texts and private messages and pull me back into the past.