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So not for the first time in my life I’ve found myself cheating on a boyfriend. I suppose this makes me some how immoral. I certainly don’t think my behavior is excusable, and honestly the guilt is pretty bad (I know feeling guilty doesn’t excuse anything). So I want to try and explain how I get into these situations.

It’s simple; I love men. I like spending time with them, I like how they look, and I like how they kiss and how they touch. I suppose in some ways this makes me the female version of a womanizer (a mananizer??). But there is more to it that than that. It’s just that I can quickly see the good in many guys. I love one guy for how good he is with children, but I’ll love the next guy for how intelligent he is.

Ok I’m not going to try and excuse my behaviour any more. If my boyfriend cheated on me, and told me it was just because he loved women I’d kill him (yip hypocrite).

Time to fix a few things in my life