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Is that the glorious sound of a violin crescendo you hear behind the gentle sound of crashing waves. your toes buried into the sand as you stand on tiptoes to kiss that tall (or not that tall, but when you are less than 5ft tall everyone seems tall) dark handsome stranger you met a only few days perviously . There is a strong reminiscent air to the opening scene of Greese, as you make your true loves vowel. But  it’s ok, it’s just for show, you know you’re never going to meet gain. Then suddenly he whispers in your ear “what’s your skype ID? I’d like to add you”.

You go home you unpack your bags and you add him on skype. You already had him added on facebook, because adding someone on facebook is the first stage of courtship (have to stalk their relationship status, and exchange a few flirtly private messages before anything gets going. Right?). So, you add him on Skype. Then, there is that annoying skype ring tone (seriously, is there some way to change the ringtone on skype?). What harm will a short chat do. But it’s not a short talk, before you know it you are skyping every evening, sometimes all night. There is still the excitement of a new relationship, getting to know someone by talking all night. But at the end of the day, you are talking to your computer. You end up sleep deprived, grumpy, and sexually frustrated.

This is the abridged version of my life recently. I met a guy at a conference and had a week long romance, before we went our own ways to separate countries. This romance has not turned into never ending facebook chats, and skype sessions. Now don’t get me wrong, I have genuine feelings for this guy. He’s sweet, and we get on well. He even flew internationally to meet me again (what???), but I can’t help the feeling that something has been lost. That something is the summer-fling.

I’ve never had a summer fling, not a real one. My time with the Flying Englishman was basically a summer-fling, I wish I could go back and inform past-Lillian that. To me a summer-fling is hot summers days, making out in the ocean, running around in the sand; all the romance of falling in love, with none of the real world problems that come along with being in a relationship. A summer-fling is not like a one night stand. In a one night stand there are no feelings; it’s just one night followed by an awkward morning, if nobody snuck out in the middle of the night. No summer-flings are romantic, and they involve romantic things like evening strolls talking about life and shit. Perhaps I’m old-fashioned (or worse crazy), but even in a week I find it impossible not to developed some level of feelings for a guy.

Before the invention of the internet, I imagine it would of been pretty difficult to maintain a relationship beyond a summer-fling. Even if there were genuine feelings involved and you wanted to stay in contact, you’d be forced to send well thought out and appropriately well spaced love letters. Allowing things to evolve slowly, as is appropriate for someone you just meet you is located in a different city / country. But this luxury no longer applies in the age of instant gratification. Facebook, email, skype, viber, whatsapp. The internet has heralded the death of the summer fling.

Should we not let a summer fling remain and stand alone for what it is. Passion, romance, hot steamy summer’lovin.


P.S I’m sure some people have the will power not to be consumed by the internet after a summer-fling. Unfortunately for the romantically weak-willed such as myself, this is not the case.