I’ve always been fond of the idiom “don’t screw the crew”. It makes perfect sense, screwing the crew is bound to lead to awkward sexual tension or an awkward lack of sexual tension. The weird feeling you always get when you’ve screwed someone and you don’t want to picture them naked during your normal day to day routines. Not to mention the elaborate rouse you have to undertake to stop the rest of the “crew” finding out that you screwed.

Well 2013 has been my year for screwing the crew, and I’ve learnt first hand that I still believe that it is a bad idea. First there was the teacher that I work with, then the freedom fighter who was a colleague of my boss, and more recently there was a boy/man*, who I call Nepali Pete**, that I am currently living with.

Living with a guy you had a drunken one night stand with is the lowest form of crew screwing. You don’t only have to have one morning after breakfast, you have to have breakfast everyday! However, I’ve been told that if I just stop thinking about it, it wont be awkward anymore. So not going to think about it from now on.


*I never know if the boys/men that I sleep with are boys or men. It seems weird for them to be boys, but they never seem to be mature and grown up enough to be men.

**I call him Nepali Pete because like Pete (of thePete Effect) he becomes very sexy when he picks up an instrument, in this case a guitar, and well he is from Nepal.