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Growing up listening to Christmas songs such as Mariah Carey’s 1994 “All I want for Christmas is you”, Wham’s 1984 “Last Christmas” and the Pogues 1987 “Fairytale of New York”, I’ve always been dying for the year that I’d have that special someone to share Christmas. I haven’t actually been technically single on Christmas Day since 2008. However, for some reason 2013 was the first Christmas that I actually saw my boyfriend, the Teacher.

We had an appropriately romantic morning snuggling under the covers. Well it was more than just snuggling; I enjoyed myself some Christmas sex. Followed by a Christmas Brunch. I then went home to prepare a Christmas dinner, give some presents to the children from the family I’ve been boarding with, and get into the Christmas Cheer. Finally in the evening I prepared a batch of mulled wine. That’s when it hit me that I had a horrible urinary track infection. I couldn’t even enjoy my mulled wine as my urine turned to acid.

So apparently the only thing I got from spending Christmas with my loved one was a urinary tract infection. Thanks Santa!